Announcement of acquisition of AGVE AB

The shareholders of AGVE AB (hereinafter, AGVE) have entered into an agreement with Murata Machinery, Ltd. (hereinafter, Muratec) whereby Muratec will acquire all the issued stock of AGVE AB of Gothenburg Sweden, from the existing shareholders. AGVE and its fully owned subsidiaries, AGV Solutions LLC in the US and AGVE Ltd in UK, will become 100% subsidiaries of Muratec.

The combination of AGVE and Muratec’s technical resources will enable enhanced AGV solutions to be jointly developed. The products will be supplied across the world utilizing Muratec’s strength in the Asian and Japanese market and AGVE’s existing presence in the European and US markets. The new business will build on Muratec and AGVE’s long track record of innovative products and impressive growth in the AGV market.

The global market for AGVs is showing strong growth and the new business structure will enable Muratec and AGVE to make even faster progress in meeting the requirements of both global and local customers. The combined business is already a major supplier to a wide range of sectors from automotive to healthcare, and pharmaceuticals to the process industries.

“The AGVE acquisition is an important part of Muratec’s strategy for the Material handling equipment market segment,” said Daisuke Murata, President and C.E.O. of Murata Machinery, Ltd. “We are facing Increasing demands for advanced AGV systems in the market these days, and feel a sense of urgency to accelerate our development activities. The rich resources of AGVE which is located in the center of the eco-system of AGV in Gothenburg will surely help us to achieve it.”

AGVE has a dedicated team of world leading engineers and by continually extending its local presence is supplying AGV systems to over 20 countries through its direct subsidiaries in USA and UK and local partners. The combination of Muratec and AGVE will achieve even stronger customer service worldwide.

The head office and main production site of AGVE will continue to be in Gothenburg Sweden.

Scheduled closing date for the share transfer is 28 February 2018, subject to conditions precedent prior to closing.

Lamborghini has launched the world’s fastest SUV – produced on AGVs from AGVE

Lamborghini UrusLamborghini has launched the world’s fastest SUV with a top speed of 304 km/h. These super SUVs are produced on multiple Automated Guided Vehicles from AGVE all controlled by AGVE’s state of the art Best AGV Manager.

AGVE is proud of our partnership with the world beating manufacturer of super SUV’s and how we incorporated multiple innovations to achieve Lamborghini’s vision for AGVs in a true 4.0 factory. Building on AGVE’s rich heritage in vehicle and system design we met all the design challenges set and delivered to Lamborghini’s demanding schedule.

The AGVs provide the intelligent platform that smoothly bears the entire super car throughout the length of the assembly line. AGVE’s Automated Guided Vehicles also carry the power train through its assembly and on to completion. The completed power train remains on the AGV to perform the marriage with the chassis deploying world beating precision drive synchronization to achieve the most exacting tolerances of +/- 1mm.

All the AGVs are designed not only to convey the load, but with a precision lift table on board, to ensure that the assembly is presented to the assemblers in the most ergonomically way possible at every stage of the process. The AGVs also feature dual drives that give complete flexibility within the SUV assembly line enabling individualized process paths for each assembly and dynamic rerouting as required.

For maximum control and process efficiency all assembly materials are delivered to the line by Automated Guided Vehicles from AGVE.

To get a great feel for the achievement take a look at Lamborghini’s published film direct from the factory:

Volvo Cars Drive Me program – 100 self-driving cars in Gothenburg

Volvo Cars Drive Me program – 100 self-driving cars in Gothenburg – produced by AGVs from AGVE


The Volvo Cars Drive Me is a large-scale autonomous driving project, where Volvo Cars put real people behind the wheel of state-of-the-art Volvo XC90s on public roads. In 2018 Volvo Cars will have 100 self-driving cars on the roads of Gothenburg.

These state-of-the-art Volvo XC90 SUVs are produced at the Swedish Torslanda auto plant from materials supplied and moved to each welding cell in the welding line by multiple Automated Guided Vehicles provided by AGVE, all controlled by AGVE’s industry leading control system, Best AGV Manager.

AGVE foresee a long-term partnership with Volvo Cars supplying a variety of Automated Guided Vehicles. Now AGVE have supplied this sophisticated material handling system based around dual drive AGVs customized for Volvo’s unique material racking and developed for optimum safety in the manufacture of the new Volvo XC90, XC60, V90 and V90cc. The racks to be carried are substantial in size and weight, so the AGVs have to be large as well as agile. The whole fleet operates in perfect synchronization by deploying a sophisticated dual drive system on each Automated Guided Vehicle and AGVE’s Best AGV Manager. The perfectly tuned drive control enables the AGVs to turn in the tightest locations making best use of all the available space. This fully automated solution ensures every vehicle has safe clearance to the next vehicle and the fixed equipment. Certified personnel detection ensures that people are fully protected. By optimizing the AGVE dual drive system even large AGVs can be effortlessly guided to come to a precise stop parallel to the machine drive chains for perfect loading/unloading time after time.

You can see the result of AGVE and Volvo’s collaboration at:

To read more about the Volvo Cars Drive Me project, please visit:

AGV system for Linde Gas

The AGVE Group has received an order for a 7 vehicle AGV-system of A4 FLC’s (Counter-balanced) from Linde Gas, one of the largest gases and engineering company in the world.

The customer supplies a wide range of compressed and liquefied gases as well as chemicals. The AGV system will be part of the production and filling process, a process with unique requirements for capacity and quality.

The Linde Group generated revenue of EUR 16.948 bn in 2016, with approximately 60,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

AGV system for SFA in South Korea

The AGVE Group has received an order for a three A4 FLC vehicle AGV-system for SFA in South Korea.

SFA’s client-oriented supplier of automatic logistics systems and display manufacturing equipment to the industry. SFA has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading participants in the fast-growing OLED display industry by competently bringing OLED process and logistics equipment into the market.

SFA had 2016 620 employees and KRW 1.189 billion of assets

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

Two AGV systems for Isola (Notodden) and Isola (Eidanger)

The AGVE Group has received an order for a two AGV systems with two A4 FL vehicle in each installation from Isola at Notodden and EIdagner in Norway.

Isola supplies a wide range of high-quality functional and up-to-date solutions for roofs, walls, floors and the ground of housing. Example are Roofing shingles, steel roofing tiles and Soft wind barrier for walls, etc.

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

High lifting AGV system for Dragsbäck

The AGVE Group has received an order for a two A8 high lifting AGV-system with telescopic forks from Dragsbäck in Denmark. The tailored telescopic fork and mast will enable the vehicle to deliver pallets into a gravity racking solution.

Dragsbaek produces margarine products and other fats for consumers and professional customers in Denmark and a large number of other countries. A large share of our production is sold in the international market, often under private labels.

Dragsbäck are part of the Orkla Group and have more than 300 employees

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

AGV system for GuYoungTech in South Korea

The AGVE Group has received an order for a two A4 FLC vehicle AGV-system from GuYoungTech in South Korea.

GuYoungTech are a company which produces and supply a press, welding and attachments for managing surface in automobile industry since it has opened in 1989.

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

AGV system for Van Genechten Packing

The AGVE Group has received an order for an extension, including four A4 FLC vehicles, to the existing 4 vehicle system of A4 FLC’s operating at Van Genechten in Germany.

Van Genechten Packaging is a leading independent packaging company providing custom folding carton products with an annual turnover of MEUR 260 (2015) and it employs about 1600 people in the group.

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

AGV system for Caterpillar

The AGVE Group has received an order for a four A4 FLS (straddle legs) vehicle AGV-system from Caterpillar in the US.

With 2016 sales of USD 38.5 billion and 95.400 employees, Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018


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