Lamborghini has launched the world’s fastest SUV – produced on AGVs from AGVE

Lamborghini UrusLamborghini has launched the world’s fastest SUV with a top speed of 304 km/h. These super SUVs are produced on multiple Automated Guided Vehicles from AGVE all controlled by AGVE’s state of the art Best AGV Manager.

AGVE is proud of our partnership with the world beating manufacturer of super SUV’s and how we incorporated multiple innovations to achieve Lamborghini’s vision for AGVs in a true 4.0 factory. Building on AGVE’s rich heritage in vehicle and system design we met all the design challenges set and delivered to Lamborghini’s demanding schedule.

The AGVs provide the intelligent platform that smoothly bears the entire super car throughout the length of the assembly line. AGVE’s Automated Guided Vehicles also carry the power train through its assembly and on to completion. The completed power train remains on the AGV to perform the marriage with the chassis deploying world beating precision drive synchronization to achieve the most exacting tolerances of +/- 1mm.

All the AGVs are designed not only to convey the load, but with a precision lift table on board, to ensure that the assembly is presented to the assemblers in the most ergonomically way possible at every stage of the process. The AGVs also feature dual drives that give complete flexibility within the SUV assembly line enabling individualized process paths for each assembly and dynamic rerouting as required.

For maximum control and process efficiency all assembly materials are delivered to the line by Automated Guided Vehicles from AGVE.

To get a great feel for the achievement take a look at Lamborghini’s published film direct from the factory:

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