AGV systems


AGVE offers state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicle traffic control solutions for applications ranging from single vehicle to complex integrated multi-AGV systems (Read more about our AGVs). A variety of systems are available for different requirements and applications. The main features of the full-scale AGV systems are:

  • Windows/PC based client/server technology
  • Continuous narrow band or WLAN communication to AGV’s
  • AGV Traffic management- collision avoidance & route optimization
  • AGV Transport order management
  • User-friendly graphical interfaces
  • Interfaces to other computer systems and I/O
  • Easy configuration, expansion, and modification of the AGV routing
  • Complete Emulation for faster development
  • Extensive Event Logging and Diagnostics



AGVE has a uniquely flexible way of providing AGV Traffic Control & System Management solutions. Depending on the ambition or capacity of the customer AGVE can offer:

  • Turn-key solutions – providing complete systems development and site installation
  • licence agreement – with source code available – to enable our customers to develop AGV systems
  • complete systems – or compatible solutions – from global leading automated material handling integrators across the world
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