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Innovative AGV solutions

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Our AGV solutions

At AGVE® we are proud of the unique range of self-guided vehicles that we have to offer. In our wide selection, you can find everything from the baseline of standard models to over a hundred tailor-made automated guided vehicles. When you choose to have an automated guided vehicle customized by us, you can be certain that your new AGV will fit your industry like a glove.

Choose between our automated guided vehicles and add whatever technology that is required to make your AGV fit your industry. We will take care of the rest for you.

Achieving efficiency accuracy safety

AGV solutions across industries

With in-house design and manufacturing, we have sold more than 2.500 AGVs and 3.500 AGV control units throughout the world. From single components for robotics to fully integrated material handling systems,
we offer a wide range of products featuring standard, as well as custom-built, AGVs.

All solutions are custom-built and produced by us as we strive to suit all the client’s needs and the specific requirements of the niche and industry.

Our services, support & the aftermarket

AGVE® can provide all services from simple spare part supply to a long-term, all-in-service contract that features

  • a 24/7 hotline support
  • preventive and corrective maintenance
  • using a spare part stock on site for your AGVs.

With our services, you will be able to maximize the system reliability of your AGV and minimize downtime and related cost.

About AGVE®

We are dedicated to keeping our AGV design and manufacturing in-house whilst offering a wide range of products featuring standard, as well as custom-built, vehicles, and delivering competitive AGV solutions to customers across the world.

Our company and its success has been years in the making and we are still working tirelessly to make sure that we always are a step ahead of the growing demands of different industries.

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    AGV solutions produce a strong return on investment through efficiency, safety and accuracy.

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