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The AGVE Group is a leading provider of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and control devices, having 60 dedicated employees working on AGV automation worldwide. We keep the AGV design and the manufacturing in-house, and have sold more than 2.500 vehicles and 3.500 control units throughout the world. From single components for automated guided vehicle control, to fully integrated material handling systems, we offer a wide range of products featuring standard, as well as custom built, vehicles.

The company was founded based on the business model of developing, manufacturing, and marketing high class controls for AGVs, with the first customer being GM. AGVE was one of the first companies with PC based AGV control and even day we develop and manufacture our own electronic platform for Automated Guided Vehicles.

Since 1989 we have supplied various types of complete AGVs and have completed more than 130 different designs. Our wide range of load capacities, lift heights, and navigation methods is unique. We can also combine all types of navigation methods in the same automated guided vehicle and layout.

Together with AGVE Korea (ABVeK), we have delivered a large number of highly tailored solutions for big South Korean enterprises. In 2013 AGVE acquired Simatic, a Swedish based system integrator with more than 30 installations in northern Europe.In 2014, AGV Solutions was established as a sales, commissioning, and aftermarket organization for the North and South American Markets. In 2015, AGVE merged with Scarabee Logistic Systems (SLS), whom has been running in the Netherlands since 1987, and who has been very active in high tech logistic automation in the European market. Also, in 2015 we set up AGV Limited to provide Automated Guided Vehicle systems and service in UK.

The AGVE Group is divided into five business areas: Automated Guided Vehicles, Vehicle Controls, AGV systems, Robotics, and Aftermarket service and support.

These products and services are available by contacting any of our sites (Contact us). Together with our long term relationship with the world’s largest automated material handling system integrators, and through our local partners, we are able to deliver competitive AGV solutions to customers across the world.

AGVE Group customers are highly diverse and operate across many different business sectors, ranging from companies who design and produce their own Automated Guided Vehicles using our controls, to many companies outside the material handling sector that buy complete turn-key systems and all-in service & support.

We look forward to being your best partner for your automated future

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