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What is an AGV system?

The importance of AGV systems

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is an autonomous vehicle designed to transport goods in an effective, smooth, and safe manner in both production and warehousing facilities. They are designed to operate in areas with human interaction and are equipped with the latest in personal safety requirements. The AGV control system keeps track of all the orders given and what AGV is best suited for the next task. Navigation is done by various guidance technologies such as smart vision, contour mapping, laser positioning, magnets spot or line and inductive wire.

The AGVs control system is flexible, and the routes and load stations can be moved and expanded into new routes and areas as your production rearranges or enlarges – for a durable and long-lasting operation.

The benefits of the AGV system

What are the beneficial aspects of an autonomous forklift or automated guided vehicles?

  • Scalability & flexibility. The self-guided vehicle’s capability and path can be expanded or evolved depending on your needs, which creates an ability to shape your operation without compromising security and reliability.
  • Economical benefits and reduced operating costs. By adapting an AGV to your operation, your ability to control and monitor the process will increase. The AGV system contributes to less damage, fewer accidents, and lost or misplaced goods, through careful handling and trackable transportation.
  • High safety. By operating within predetermined parameters and following the layout path the AVG systems minimize the risk of any damage or accidents, not only regarding the goods but also the personnel and surroundings.

AGV control system technologies for industries

We have automated guided vehicle system solutions for the following industries:

  • logistic
  • manufacturing
  • automotive
  • hospital
  • customized vehicles.

Our AGV systems are unmatched when it comes to customer adaptation and customization of the vehicle to suit customer needs, with well-proven technologies in load handling, safety, navigation, battery and system integration.

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