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Industrial automation and control systems

AGVs for specific industry applications

Automated Guided Vehicles are being used more often for specific industry applications. Heavy-duty AGVs are an important part of the processes that go into an assembly, storage, or manufacturing facility in industries.

When building your ideal AGV size, carrying capacities and motion are all important aspects of design that we at AGVE® take into consideration. This is to ensure that the industrial automation and control systems that you receive are the perfect fit for your industry and its demands.

There are plenty of industrial applications and finding an AGV that fits your industry’s exact needs can be tricky. This is where we come in.

The AGV industry

AGVs in industries are usually used in the following areas:

  • chassis lines
  • assembly lines
  • final assembly
  • trim manufacturing processes
  • just-in-time parts
  • pre-production staging

Not only can we cater to all sorts of industries but our Automated Guided Vehicles can also be customized to any logistical needs in order to help your business to expand and increase its production rate.

The benefits of industrial automation systems

AGVs that handle different raw materials such as paper, plastic, steel and rubber.

Depending on the industry, the AGVs handle the transportation of raw materials from storage warehouses to production lines. This ensures that raw materials are handled with care and maintains a steady supply of raw goods to production lines.

Other benefits of choosing to work with industrial automation systems are:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity because AGVs operate autonomously.
    Predictable and reliable for repetitive tasks.
  • The flexibility of changing routes more easily without requiring re-routing guide wires or other infrastructure to adjust a vehicle’s route.
  • Improved safety thanks to AGVs being equipped with sensors to avoid collisions.
  • Consistent in costs since AGVs offer less fluctuation in costs compared to human labor.
  • A better space utilization since some AGVs is smaller compared to traditional warehouse equipment, which allows for floor layouts with narrower aisles.

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