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Healthcare automation solutions

AGVs’ role in easing the pressure

The strain and pressure that hospitals are under are constant. A constant that can be reduced greatly with our AGVs in the picture. When healthcare automation solutions are introduced it frees up the healthcare workers and support staff who then can focus on their patients, as well as their own well-being.

Why it is beneficial to use AGVs in hospitals

AGVs are greatly beneficial in hospitals and can unload some of the stress from hospital workers.

Healthcare automation solutions allow for an automatic delivery and pick-up of:

  • Meals – empty trays included.
  • Waste from different locations to the recycling and rubbish collection areas as well as the Delivery of the emptied bins.
  • Laundry and then the return of soiled linen.
  • Sterile supplies from different departments.
  • Drugs & other supplies.

Not only does an AGV in a hospital provide all the above-mentioned services but they are also able to

  • work a 24 h shift
  • function in properly poor lightning – still with increased safety
  • operate in areas shared with other pedestrians
  • cause less material damage which in turn reduces costs.

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