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Automated guided vehicle battery

AGVs – the battery-powered solution

Early-generation AGVs were powered by LED batteries only.

Today we can offer a complete range of different battery types that suites for your AGV application(s).

Depending on your system(s) required utilization time (24/7,1-3 shift or daytime), today you choose between three different battery types,  lead acid batteries, lithium batteries, or NiCd batteries.

Lead acid batteries are used for AGV applications where the stress is not extreme.

In larger AGV units, lead batteries, Li-Ion batteries, or NiCd batteries are used, whereas the Li-Ion batteries or NiCd battery types are mainly used in extremely hard operation.

AGV battery charging methods

There are several automatic charging methods for your AGV solution, which maximizes your utilization time of the AGVs.

All in all, there are three different charging methods for the AGV´s required uptime

  • Opportunity charging with a short charging cycle time
  • Manual battery swap
  • Automatic battery swap

To optimize the uptime of your automated guided vehicles, you can charge either when

  • The battery is low and needs to be charged.
  • Opportunity charging where the work is not disrupted
  • Charging of battery is scheduled

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