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AGV safety systems

Safety sensors that prevent AGVs from colliding

One major advantage of AGV systems is that they are safer than manual transportation of material. Being provided with safety sensors that prevent them from colliding, AGVs don’t harm people or damage infrastructures. There are also certain safety rules and safety standards that all AGVs must adhere to which increases safety even more.

In order to comply with the safety rules, all AGV types must include some safety sensors and devices to avoid and prevent risks. AGVs generally run smoothly and predictable, however on the rare occasion something doesn’t work properly, the safety system will halt the vehicle.


AGV safety standards

AGV safety standards in Europe are found in EN ISO 3691-4:2020 “Industrial trucks — Safety requirements and verification — Part 4: Driverless industrial trucks and their systems”.

The documents basically provide the guidelines and standards for how to achieve acceptable residual risk on an automatic guided vehicle, and how to implement an overall safety system including

  • elements of design
  • operation
  • maintenance of mobile platforms.

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