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Customized vehicles

A custom AGV is a vehicle designed specifically to meet a company’s unique needs. This can include custom sizes and shapes to fit a particular workspace, and the integration of specialized equipment to handle certain types of cargo.

These types of customized AGV’s can also include advanced technology to enhance their navigation capabilities and avoid obstacles on the road, they are highly customized, load capacity between 3kg and 65 tons, have quad-directional motion available, have all types of navigation available and have no limitations in design.

Why you should consider a customized AGV

A custom AGV is used in all those cases where a commercial AGV cannot perform the task you need. Your AGV may need to have certain support or even a robot to be able to perform an operation that you cannot find on the market, in such case you need to order a customized AGV.

When choosing a custom AGV you will receive an automated guided vehicle that is designed specifically to meet your company’s needs, save you time, reduce accidents and injuries, and keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

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