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With over 30 years of customer-focused innovation, we give you the most dedicated AGV solution for the future. AGVE offers a unique range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ranging from standard models to over 100 tailor-made vehicles. AGVE provides AGVs with payloads up to 65 tonnes, lifting heights up to 11 meters, and use of a wide range of navigation technologies such as laser, vision, contour, wire and magnet.

We provide the highest quality automated guided vehicles for the most demanding applications.

Experienced in both production & warehousing

Based on our experience in both production and warehousing and in a wide range of sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, paper, furniture, electronics, food,  beverages, metal production. We can guarantee to meet your requirements.

AGV’s to be found in almost all areas of the industry

Automated guided vehicles and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are now to be found in almost all areas of industry, for example as production supply solutions, transport platforms on assembly lines, and an integral part of warehouse logistics systems. Not to mention that AGV’s and AGVS are an ideal solution to labor shortages, and they also

  • minimize the risk of error
  • are reliable
  • are safe
  • require little maintenance.

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    AGV solutions produce a strong return on investment through efficiency, safety and accuracy.

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