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With an AGV tugger, you’re given the option to transport more goods quicker and more reliably than ever. Whether manned or unmanned, an AGV towing vehicle increases operational efficiencies with predictable and consistent workflows. Our AGV tuggers reduce the typical operational costs and worries of traditional forklift trucks by increasing the safety of workers, products, and equipment with precise and controlled movements.

Product delivery and timing can also be tracked so products are where they should be when they should be.

Tow AGVs – your solution

An AGV tugger is a great solution for repetitive tasks, traveling long distances, or in hazardous areas where you would not want workers to be. The AGV towing vehicle can be programmed easily to tackle each job or task needed.

Benefits of using AGV towing

  • Has a scalable configuration.
  • Can be integrated into existing systems.
  • Pulls more than the average warehouse forklift.
  • Saves you time by completing tasks faster, more efficiently, and without operator issues.
  • Ensures safety of products and pedestrians.

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    AGV solutions produce a strong return on investment through efficiency, safety and accuracy.

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