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Our AGV VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) is intended for pallet handling and storage applications in pallet racking with aisles that may be too narrow for other equipment. It particularly excels in applications requiring high storage capacity per square meter. Since forklifts have no room to maneuver in a warehouse with narrow aisles due to the greatly reduced aisle width, a VNA vehicle is designed with either a fork that can be rotated 180 degrees to the conveying direction as well as extended and retracted laterally or a lifting table.

The benefits of a VNA vehicle

A VNA vehicle is suitable for a range of applications in various settings, including distribution centers, warehouses, work-in-progress storage, replenishment of active picking locations.

Some of the key benefits are that an AGV VNA

  • suits very narrow aisles
  • offers a good performance with high lifts
  • has a telescopic load handling forks as standard
  • is a versatile pallet handling
  • is a modular structure
  • suits high storage capacity facilities.

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