AGVE at Logistica 2015 Utrecht (Netherlands)

H&G developed a system to automate their internal waste flow and realized this with the help of waste trolleys and AGV’s. H&G chose AGVE as their partner for implementing the automated guided vehicle technology.

Distribution centers, warehouses and distribution facilities are expending on a daily basis. Simultaneously, the transport distances of the waste flood inside these centers to the outside located compressing machines are also increasing in number.

By the alias ‘WIN’ (Waste INtralogistics), the German company H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH presents their AGV-solution for automated, intern waste processing on the Logistica 2015 fair (Netherlands).


The 2.400 cylindrical containers loading e.g. cardboard, foil, wood or waste are fully automated transported from the workstation to the waste processing area. After they are emptied, the containers are automatically brought back to the workstations.

Screw compressor

H&G Entsorgungssysteme GmbH develops and produces their screw compressors for over more than 25 years. This powerful and compact compression technique allows companies to press their cardboard, plastic or wood two to five times better than conventional hydraulic compressing machines. Besides improving working conditions and increasing the environmental safety, this compression technique also contributes to the reduction of CO2-emission.


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