A high speed AGV system for SAS automotive systems

The AGVE Group has received an order for a four A4 FLC vehicle AGV-system from SAS automotive systems in the US. This is a high-speed system for truck loading that will set a new standard for performance and capacity.

SAS are specialized in the assembly, logistics and development of cockpit modules and other interior and front-end modules for motor vehicles and trucks. SAS are present at over 20 locations in more than 13 countries across the world and are supply more than 4.4 million cockpits per year.

The SAS Group reached a sale of USD 3.3 billion and had 3820 employed in 2016

Delivery will take place during the first quarter of 2018

We have received many emails and a few phone calls to us from various companies in Europe who have received phishing emails from the address ‘(@)agvee.se‘ pretending to be AGVE.
Their purpose is to order things in AGVE’s name and to invoice for the goods that end up with AGVE.
Please check your orders carefully and verify any insecure orders with us.

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