Highly customized Load capacity between 3kg and 65 ton Quad directional motion available All types of navigation available No limitations in design Some examples:

  • Fork lift can be delivered with load capacity up to 6 000 kg and lift heights up to 9 meters. This can be combined with quad directional motion (Six wheels total with dual spring loaded drive wheels in bogie with castor wheels, and separate castor wheel bogie for high stability. Dual steer/drive units makes quad direction motion possible)
  • Counterbalanced fork lift with load capacity up to 4000 kg and lift heights up to 5 meters
  • Tugger (towing) vehicles with towing capacity of 5000 kg
  • Low profile platform with load platform and load capacity up to 3000 kg. Vehicle can be fitted with any type of load handler on top. Roller or chain conveyor, fixed load table, lifting load table or arms, telescopic fork, etc. Quad directional motion available.
  • Side loading vehicle with telescopic fork or reach fork for load handling on both sides. Load capacity up to 2000 kg and lift heights up to 10 meters
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We have received many emails and a few phone calls to us from various companies in Europe who have received phishing emails from the address ‘(@)agvee.se‘ pretending to be AGVE.
Their purpose is to order things in AGVE’s name and to invoice for the goods that end up with AGVE.
Please check your orders carefully and verify any insecure orders with us.

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