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We are on the edge of a revolution that may be as profound as the discovery of the power of steam or the computer chip. We are entering the Autonomous Age – where robotics break through to release people from performing complex but essentially repetitive functions at work and in their homes. For many years we at AGVE have been very successful in implementing and developing our know-how in autonomous robotics in the field of Automated Guided Vehicles (Read more about our AGVs). AGVE can now release our robotics platform for many different business sectors.

AGVE’s highly developed algorithms, software and robotics and breakthroughs in processing power and sensor technology now enable us to offer autonomous solutions across a wide range of industrial and service applications. Whether it’s the automotive industry, ports, farming or hospitals we have a solution that can transform your business. Imagine using your people to innovate rather than just repeat what they did yesterday.

AGVE is developing partnerships with global producers of world beating products where autonomy is seen to be the differentiator of the future. AGVE will provide:

  • robotics design- identifying what is optimal in autonomy and how to develop it in your product
  • prototyping – we will build the first unit with you including robotics and user interfaces
  • agreed production robotics package – providing the autonomy for your product
  • ongoing robotics design support – keeping you up to date and releasing future products
  • ongoing service support – optimising your customer’s autonomous investment

AGVE can act as your supplier or be the system integrator of your systems for your customers.

Contact us to find out more into how AGVE Robotics can help you transform your business.

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Automated Guided Vehicles

AGVE offers a unique range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ranging from standard models to over 100 tailor-made vehicles. AGVE provides AGVs with payloads up to 65 Tonnes, lifting heights up to 11 meters, and use of a wide range of navigation technologies such as laser/vision/ contour/wire/magnet  (Read more about navigation technology). AGVE provide the highest quality automated guided vehicles for the most demanding applications.

Product Listing

Based on our experience in both production and warehousing and in a wide range of sectors – such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, paper, furniture, electronics, food, beverages and metal production – we can guarantee to meet your requirements.

AGV systems


AGVE offers state-of-the-art Automated Guided Vehicle traffic control solutions for applications ranging from single vehicle to complex integrated multi-AGV systems (Read more about our AGVs). A variety of systems are available for different requirements and applications. The main features of the full-scale AGV systems are:

  • Windows/PC based client/server technology
  • Continuous narrow band or WLAN communication to AGV’s
  • AGV Traffic management- collision avoidance & route optimization
  • AGV Transport order management
  • User-friendly graphical interfaces
  • Interfaces to other computer systems and I/O
  • Easy configuration, expansion, and modification of the AGV routing
  • Complete Emulation for faster development
  • Extensive Event Logging and Diagnostics



AGVE has a uniquely flexible way of providing AGV Traffic Control & System Management solutions. Depending on the ambition or capacity of the customer AGVE can offer:

  • Turn-key solutions – providing complete systems development and site installation
  • licence agreement – with source code available – to enable our customers to develop AGV systems
  • complete systems – or compatible solutions – from global leading automated material handling integrators across the world

Aftermarket, service and support


Automated Guided Vehicle Service and Service management contracts:

  • AGVE can provide all services from simple spare part supply to a long term, all-in service contract featuring 24/7 hotline support, preventive, and corrective maintenance, using a spare part stock on site for your AGVs.
  • With our service concept and maintenance program the customer is able to maximize the Automated Guided Vehicle system reliability and minimize downtime and related cost.

For more information please contact:


Repair and spare parts

  • At AGVE we have developed our own Automated Guided Vehicle electronic control platform. This gives the company unrivalled knowledge of the product as well as the ability to maintain and repair all system elements. By controlling our own logistical and manufacturing chain we are able to support products  however long ago they were delivered.
  • For more information please contact
  • We have also superb knowledge and skills to repair AGVE products. Download instructions and Repair Request form below

Repair handling instructions and repair request form

Download repair handling instructions
Download instructions
Download  repair request form
Download request form

Vehicle control

AGVE supplies a wide line of products for producing automated guided vehicles ranging from control components, operator panels and navigational sensors to complete electrical/mechanical packages with full software support.


The on-board AGV-control system is developed to be less costly when compared to other technologies, without compromising the functionality, flexibility, and quality required. By controlling our in-house design and manufacturing of AGV electronics, which are sold under the trademark AGVElectronics.

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