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AGVE, located in Charlotte, N.C., is a total provider of AGV systems on the North American market. The line includes forklift AGVs, unit load AGVs and specialty AGVs handling loads ranging from light duty in hospital logistics to heavy loads in the steel industry.

AGVE Inc is a collaboration between AGVE, a Swedish AGV System supplier and Mr. Mats Herrstromer, an executive with more than 35 years’ experience in the AGV business. AGVE has been a leading manufacturer of AGVs and AGV controls since 1985. AGVE has manufactured more than 1,000 vehicles and 3,000 AGV control units installed worldwide.

AGVE offers a complete line of standard and custom AGVs. These AGVs offer payloads from a few pounds to 65 tons, lifting heights up to 36 feet with the use of any type of navigation such as laser, vision, contour, wire, magnet and tape. AGVE also provides a windows based AGV Control system for order management, traffic control and route management with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Herrstromer has more than 35 years’ experience in the AGV industry in Europe and North America. In 1988, Herrstromer founded AGV Products in Charlotte, N.C. The company grew to one of the leading AGV suppliers in North America. Herrstromer was president of AGV Products for more than 20 years when the company was acquired by HK Systems in 2008. HK Systems was subsequently acquired by Dematic in 2010.

The AGVE Group is divided into five business areas: Automated Guided Vehicles, Vehicle Controls, AGV systems, Robotics, and Aftermarket service and support.


We have received many emails and a few phone calls to us from various companies in Europe who have received phishing emails from the address ‘(@)agvee.se‘ pretending to be AGVE.
Their purpose is to order things in AGVE’s name and to invoice for the goods that end up with AGVE.
Please check your orders carefully and verify any insecure orders with us.

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